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Project 1
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Dash is a simple real-time dashboard that delivers a snapshot of financial performance for a business.

Our brief


To position the product with both naming and visual identity.

Scope of work


  • Brand Identity

  • Naming and tagline

  • Positioning

  • Website

Dash Tablet.png

Our first task was to work with the client and develop a brand map so we were all on the same page. 

Once this was established we turned to thinking up a name for the product. We settled on 'dash' for its direct connection to the product and simplicity. The tagline accurately explains what the product does.

The logo design takes it cue from a dashboard and is executed in a simple icon like device. A colour palette was selected to support the range performance outcomes of the business. 

The UI design development and execution carries through the brand language in a simple to understand way.

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