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Project 1
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Insight into Success



Insights into Success is an online resource to assist people speed up and achieve success with their business ventures. By speaking to those that have either met with success or are part way through their journey, experiences can be shared. 

Our brief


To develop a friendly, engaging and professional visual identity that is part of a branded family.

Scope of work


  • Brand identity

  • Tone of voice

  • Website

  • Strategic positioning 

The logo takes its cue for a jigsaw and speech bubble and signifies solutions for business owners.


The colour palette bridges a strategic link to other online tools and is differentiated in this instance by the colour green.


The supporting typeface family chosen was Gotham for its simple and contemporary feel.


In line with a friendly tone of voice a library of loosely styled icons was developed to support the various support areas offered.

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We designed a website as the core form of communication and delivery. New Podcasts and resources are frequently added.

Insights into Success is part of a branded family of online services. Colour as well as naming is used to create differentiation between the various products.

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