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Project 1
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my-price is a marketing tool targeted at time-flexible customers who are rewarded for their individual time flexibility and an individual, attractive price.

Our brief


To design a brand identity and high level package to be presented to prospective clients including major international Airlines and Hotels. An important objective was to communicate the 'feel good' nature of the products benefits.

Scope of work


  • Brand Identity

  • Book and brochure

  • Tagline

Our first task was to design a brand that reflected the 'feel good' aspects and outcome of the product - saving money by being flexible. To achieve this we designed a 'smile' in the form of a hyphen.

The tagline 'flexibility means value' informs about the product and its reward.

Three components were designed as part of the high level package.


A hard cover presentation folder was produced by a specialist book bindery. The logo sits in a debossed square.

My Price D.png

Secondly we designed an advantage tool metre that could be adjusted to see the outcome of flexibility - the more red the smile the better the advantage for Airlines and Hotels. 

Thirdly we designed a brochure to inform in detail how the product worked and its benefits.

My Price C.png
My Price A.png
My Price B.png

The colour palette was kept sophisticated and simple with the use of silver, black and red. 

business card mockup_1.png
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