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Project 1
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Our brief


To design a brand identity that delivered a strong and contemporary Maori image.

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Aotearoa Construction



Aotearoa Construction was formed to pioneer a new business model that blends social benefit whilst delivering outstanding construction services.

The company was fronted by well known personalities, Richard Barnett and Tawera Nikau.

Scope of work


  • Brand Identity

  • Naming

  • Brochures

  • Advertising

  • Signage

  • Print collateral

Internal 1.png

The logo we designed delivers powerful and easily identifiable Maori imagery. The 3 Koru's form an easily recognisable A. 

The font choice and colour palette were both kept simple, strong and modern. Photographic imagery throughout collateral was used in black and white.

Brochures and presentation documents echoed the simplicity and strength we wanted the visual language to communicate.

Internal 2.png
Internal 5.png

To create awareness for the new company, targeted print advertising and strategically located billboards were used.


The website was central to building general awareness and promoting employment opportunities.

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